Crystal Ball Gazing

Published: 05/11/2019 By Maalems

As another week comes to a close we at Maalems look into our Crystal Ball and what we see is a distinct lack of clarity.

The future is always hard to predict but never more so than now with Brexit and a general election imminent. However, do not dismay as there are markers in day to day activity that do bode well.

Both the rental and sales markets have no shortage of willing renters and purchasers.

The majority of rental property, when priced correctly, is being let in the first week of marketing. Competition for some property has resulted in such demand that landlords have been spoilt for choice of tenant.

The same is true for the sales market. Buyer demand, especially amongst first-time buyers, is strong. So again, as long as the property is priced accurately for the market conditions, we are seeing strong interest that result in a suitable turnaround for property to go under offer. Money remains cheap in historical terms and with a shortage of property, the long term prospect for property is inviting. Buyer confidence is increasing.

Vendors and landlords could do well with taking hold of the current opportunity as a result of the demand for property that we are experiencing at the moment.