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Stomach rumbling, hunger pangs a plenty, the ever-present question arises. What am I going to eat? SW18 (or should that be SW Eating) offers a massive variety of eateries for gastronomic gluttons, not to mention a lot of, shall we say, clean eating Cafes and Cantinas for those Healthy Harrys & Henrietta's. Let's start with Glorious Garratt Lane, for pub food you cannot go past "The Earlsfield" located right next to Earlsfield station, which for my money offers some of the best pub food in London let alone SW18 - ribs to die for, it's a bugger to find a better burger and the pork belly is a juicy tender melt in your mouth wonder.



The Earlsfield 

Just look a little further along Garratt lane and if a perfect Boozy Brunch with excellent eggs and much much more is your penchant you are spoilt like a princess at a party. Hallowed Belly, The Eclectic Collection, Bean and Hop and Bloody Bens are Bruncheries all within a hop skip and a step from each other. If you don't come away satisfied with this bevvy of boutique boozy breakfast bistros you may want to take a good hard lingering look in the mirror and have your tongue tested.

This is just the very tip of the Ice Berg for SW18 Culinary Delights Earlsfield, Southfields, Wandsworth Town and Wandsworth Common all have succulent and savoury secrets, so the Maalems, SW18 Food Blog will soon be back!

Bloody Bens

The Hallowed Belly