Pandemic Catalyses Positive Change

The impact the corona virus has had on the world has been profound, it has changed the way we interact with one another and in doing so has created a new social environment in which the use of technology has been pushed to the fore.  Whilst the context in which this occurred has been anything but desirable the rapid adoption of technology across many industries are one of a few positives to come out of the Pandemic.  
The Estate agency business of providing homes to families and individuals is no exception.  

The necessity of social distancing has driven the implementation of personal video tour walkthroughs,  pre-recorded video tours and 3-dimensional digital property tours into the estate agency business model in rapid fashion and the agents that do this successfully are creating a better market place for all of those involved.

Prospective renters and purchasers save themselves substantial amounts of time and landlords and sellers get far greater exposure to the market.  As we look to move out of the social restrictions we are currently experiencing, the continued and wider implementation of these methods will result in properties being sold and let faster. The property market will be an improved and smoother experience for all of its participants.

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