The End Of Corona And The Property Market

The most recent announcement from Boris Johnson outlines a credible route for society returning to normality this summer. This positivity is very welcome news for all including your local property market here in South West London. The pandemic resulted in people moving away from central London, with the younger cohort often choosing to weather the pandemic at home with their parents and the more established London residents moving out in the search of better value in more leafy environs. Furthermore, the traditional conveyor belt of young professionals previously moving into London after University was rendered largely inactive due to the closing of offices in 2020. Quite fairly these demographics were unable to see the benefit of living in a crippled city. However, with the feasible end of restrictions approaching, London will find its legs again, regain its lustre and once more become the attractive fun, and vibrant place that draws people in from all over the country and the world. Renters and buyers will return in their numbers. The increased interest in the inner postcodes of London, with their advantageous easy access to a rejuvenated central London, will result in the supply and demand dynamics swinging back to the old status quo of people complaining of a shortage of property stock. The outlook is certainly a lot more positive than it has been.